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8 thoughts on “ Rehersal For Highspeed Paralysis - Joe Colley - Psychic Stress Soundtracks (CD)

  1. Joe Colley "Psychic Stress Soundtracks" 2xLP 1. Future Screaming 2. Rehearsal For High Speed Paralysis 3. All Of Us Are Monsters And All Of Us Think The Others Are Monsters 4. Melody Of Failure 5. Overgrown (At Last).
  2. Paralysis is a hit effect in Super Smash Flash 2. Targets hit by these attacks will be frozen in place for about two seconds, shaking back and forth, before taking knockback. The user of the paralyzing effect can follow up with a smash attack or other powerful move during the stun, making the effect very useful. Repeatedly using a paralyzing attack will not increase the duration of the effect.
  3. Little Cloud? is wrought with its theme of paralysis and is parallel with the collection's universal theme of disintegration, but Joyce suggests that every human is paralyzed on one level or another. Through Chandler, the reader learns that Chandler is Dublin's child; effectively making Joyce's suggestion of paralysis about every city.
  4. I won’t say analysis paralysis is all in your head, or maybe I will. I wish I could tell you your business won’t have its ups and downs. But it will. I wish I could tell you there won’t be any trouble if you’ll just follow a tried and true system (mine preferably) But troubles are actually a part of business.
  5. Paralysis is the unnamed Quirk used by Habuko Mongoose. Paralysis allows her to stare into someone's eyes and paralyze their muscles for three seconds. However, the subject is still conscious while being immobilized. This Quirk can work on multiple targets only if they're all making eye contact.
  6. This is spiritual paralysis: 1) Wanting to do the right thing (going to church, praying, helping others) but not having/taking the time, making excuses, or becoming distracted with interruptions and other priorities. 2) Also, trying to do the right thing but messing it up (consistently coming .
  7. the state of being paralyzed by suffering from some sort of past trauma or abuse, whether mentally, emotionally, or physically.

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