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8 thoughts on “ Taint

  1. tr.v. taint·ed, taint·ing, taints 1. To affect or associate with something undesirable or reprehensible: a reputation that was tainted by allegations of illegal activity. 2.
  2. May 17,  · taint (third-person singular simple present taints, present participle tainting, simple past and past participle tainted) (transitive) To damage, as a lance, without breaking it; also, to break, as a lance, but usually in an unknightly or unscientific manner. (transitive) To hit or touch lightly, in tilting.
  3. to spoil something or give it an unpleasant quality: His reputation was permanently tainted by the financial scandal. He warned of toxins such as mercury tainting some fish.
  4. Some common synonyms of taint are contaminate, defile, and pollute. While all these words mean "to make impure or unclean," taint stresses the loss of purity or cleanliness that follows contamination.
  5. The threat of smoke taint has cast a long shadow over West Coast wine regions this year as the worst wildfire seasons on record cast plumes over California and the Pacific Northwest. Third-Party Tests .
  6. Taint is a horrific corruption of the land, the physical manifestation of chaotic magic twisting the life of the Overworld. It is a multilayered affliction, affecting the landscape as Tainted Land, and the player as a Taint status effect. Tainted lands show a dramatic purplish coloration, with .
  7. The taint is described as being like an "oily slick" surrounding the "clear water" that is saidin. Saidin in and of itself remains pure, but in order to reach it one must mentally reach through the taint. The first time Rand attempted to seize saidin he "felt the taint inside of him" and it nearly made him sick.
  8. Unfortunately, the major source of Taint is caused by many of the thaumaturgic devices used in Minecraftia. The mystical processes that create the wondrous objects and other magical miracles occasionally cause Taint as a byproduct. A wise thaumaturge will make sure to take great care when plying his craft to prevent mishaps.

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