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  1. The Enigma Corporation is hired by an oil company to investigate one of their remote drilling encampments to determine the cause of all the worker’s mysterious temppostaiteenmillmehangmoperlinato.xyzinfo: Lost Tapes.
  2. Strigoi mort are the reanimated bodies which return to suck the blood of family, livestock, and neighbours. They are most often associated with vampires or zombies. A strigoaica (singular feminine form), or Strigoica, is a witch. Strigoi are also known as "moroi" in some parts, especially rural areas.
  3. Meaning "poltergeist," Strigoi are known as troubled souls of the dead who rose from the grave and immortal vampires in Romanian lore. Certain Strigoi can actually be living humans who gained magical powers. The Strigoi have the ability to transform into an animal, invisibility, and the propensity to drain the vitality of victims via blood loss.
  4. The Strigoi are complex, coming in two varieties: the Strigoi Viv and the Strigoi Mort. The Viv are living Strigoi and have sometimes been portrayed as sorcerers or magicians; in this film they also feed on the blood of the living. The Mort are the dead and are the really dangerous ones, often portrayed as .
  5. In Romanian mythology, strigoi (same form singular or plural) are the evil souls of the dead rising from the tombs (or living) that transform into an animal or phantomatic apparition during the night to haunt the countryside, troubling whoever it encounters. Strigoi are also known as " moroi " in some parts, especially rural areas.
  6. Thief Also called Vampire Beasts, these feral horrors follow the path of Staeglin, an Aelfborn rogue driven to murder and cannibalism by the fire in his mixed blood. Thirdborn of all Vampires, he serves as the master of a horrifying clan.
  7. Strigoi are tall human-like creatures with sharp fangs for teeth. Their skin is paler than normal humans and they have natural carrot-red hair. When in a rage or getting ready for the kill, their nails and fangs will grow longer, sharper, and deadlier.
  8. (Mor-oy) A Moroi is a vampire, a good one, not like Strigoi. A Moroi has magic, and its elemental. Theres fire, water, earth, or air. There is also spirit. Spirit is rare, and you can tell if a Moroi's elemental magic is spirit if they haven't developed after the usual time or after they should have if they were a late temppostaiteenmillmehangmoperlinato.xyzinfo are living vampire's, and they drink the blood of humans, aka.
  9. The Strigoi is a different and interesting take on the vampire film, not the least because although produced by a British film studio it was shot in Romania with an all-Romanian cast. Romania, which includes all of Transylvania, is the home of virtually all vampire folklore which begins all the way back with the Dacians, who inhabited the area /5.

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